The Play is an unscripted web series about a group of people with different personalities and very different goals working to stage a groundbreaking theatre show. When they come together in the rehearsal room, things don’t quite go according to plan.

EP01 - The Auditions

Cutting-edge director, Leslie, holds auditions for a bold new production. But even her avant garde approach can’t prepare her for what steps through the door.

EP02 - Animals

With rehearsals well underway, Leslie has a big surprise for Claire and René. The cast gets to grips with their roles, but sexual confusion and animal instincts throw everyone off balance.

EP03 - Ground rules

Impatient with the cast’s less-than-professional behaviour, Leslie lays down the law. René confronts Claire about her fur fetish. Rehearsals continue to unravel and Claire gets some shocking news.

EP04 - Power play

With Claire gone and the team in disarray, Simon makes his move. The devising process descends into a shouting match which concludes with a surprise visit.

EP05 - Zero calories

After her return, Claire secures financial support from an unlikely source. Leslie adjusts her artistic vision but goes overboard with the technical possibilities. And Jay upsets everyone with his poor design decisions.

EP06 - Showtime!

It’s opening night and Leslie and Simon are really feeling the pressure. Before a packed house, René pulls one final surprise that has repercussions not just for the rest of the cast, but for the entire planet.